Lucy Tenshi is one of the main female protagonist and is a very good friend of Stone Wall's

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Lucy is the daughter of the King Terald Onichi (the third king of the northern empire) and Queen Ai Tenshi. Lucy was very sheltered all her life but one day a bunch of demons sprouted from hell and attacked the northern empire. Lucy was 6 at the time and was being protected by a bunch of guards. Lucy wanted to stay and help but was too little so her mother told her to go and when all the demons where gone they would do something fun together and outside the castle for once. Lucy left and waited 3 hours for her mother and father to return.

One guard arrived at where Lucy was being protected and told her that her mother *Ai* was killed. Lucy ran passed to guard to find her father to see if that was true. When she arrived at the room her father was in, she asked what happen to her mother. King Terald told her she died with a smile knowing that her daughter was protected. Lucy never smiled again since that day no matter how mush she tried. One day Lucy snuck away from the castle, angered that her mother is now dead and tried to go somewhere to find training and avenge her. Lucy met Lynk the day she ran away, and he wen't along with her, because he was worried about her.

King Terald Onichi has relised his daughter have left the kingdom and told all his knights to go find her. 8 years have passsed since the day Lucy Left her home and teemed up with Lynk, the knights have ran into her a couple of times but she refuses to go home until she avenges her mother. Lynk has just relised she is a princess but she didn't wan't to be treated like royalty, Lynk treated her the same and never saw her as a princess. 2 more years have passed, Lynk and Lucy have made up a teem of demon slayers and Lucy is getting closer to avenging her mother.

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