Stone Henge is the main male antagonist in the series Ryu-Oni and is the twin brother of Stone Wall and much like his brother he has a full demon form when mad or in great danger


Just like Stone Wall, Stone Henge is a half demon and son of the lighting dragon demon king but was not the air to the throne.Stone Henge and Stone Wall where the best of friends as kids, they would always play together but when their father wanted Stone Wall to be king instead of him he was upset and jealous. Stone Henge grew with jealousy and then turned that jealousy into hatered for his father and twin brother so he challenged Stone Wall to a fight for the throne but ended up killing his own father with a very powerful lighting attack in the process. Stone Wall swore revenge and Stone Henge left in schock over what he has done.

6 weeks since that day and Stone Henge returns and discovers he has a little sister and learns that his mother died giveing birth to her. Stone Henge swore he would become king even if he had to kill Stone Wall in the process of doing so. As Stone Henge leves, he realizes that he is all alone and cries over his mothers death.


Stone Henge's full demon form

4 years since then and as Stone Wall was makeing new friends in his guild, Stone Henge was makeing a plan to destroy his brother nd become king. Stone Henge meets a Fire dragon demon named Lana and she tells him that she is alone just like him , the two become partners and she helps him in his quest for ultimate power and to become the king of lighting dragon demons. At first Stone Henge didn't really care for Lana but after seeing her powers he figured she could be really useful.

Stone Henge figures out his brother and little sister where in a guild so he decided to make a guild of is own and his is called the destruction guild. Stone Henge dies his hair and gets a new outfit to look nothing like Stone Wall anymore. Stone Henge finds demons and trains them for a war he is planning so he can get control over his village and/or the world.


As a kid Stone Henge was very polite, kind, energetic, and playful. When he wasn't picked to be king he wen't bad and now as a teenager he is more aggressive, and abusive. He doesn't care about anybody but himself and will kill anyone that gets in his way.

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