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Demon form Stone Wall

Stone Wall is one of the main male protaganist and is a half dragon demon next in line to the throne in the lighting demon tribe. When ever he gets in great danger or is at near death or Sophia is in danger that will force Stone Wall to become his inner demon.


Stone Wall is the son of a human mother and a dragon demon father and twin brother of Stone Henge. His father was the king of all lighting dragon demon's and wanted Stone Wall to be the next king. Stone Wall and his twin brother loved their parents but Stone Henge did not understand why he didn't get chosen to be the next king.

Because Stone Wall was next to be king Stone Henge challenged him to a fight for the throne. Stone Wall never liked to fight but was forced to. Stone Wall's father came to see his kids fighting and tried to stop it but Stone Henge wouldn't listen then used a powerful lighting attack which stabbed strait thru their father. Ever since then Stone Wall swore revenge on his brother for killing their father. Stone Henge left the village for 6 weeks. Without his father Stone Wall had to protect his village by himself with some help from the knightes. That year Stone Wall's mother gave birth to a baby girl named Sophia but died in the process. Stone Wall was emotionlly scared because his mother and father where dead.

Stone Henge returns to find his brother holding their new little sister and to find his dead mothers coffin. Stone Henge swore to become the new king even if he has to kill his only brother in the process and leves without a goodby. Stone Wall promises to protect his little sister because she is all he has left and wishes to kill his twin.

After 4 years Stone Wall is 8 and Sophia is 4. They have been on their own all this time and raised their selves but they come across an unfamiliar building known as Hell Busters. It is a guild for demon slayers so Stone Wall and Sophia felt they would get killed if they where saw so they tried to run. They got caught by a man known as Sgt. Krey but instead of getting killed they got welcomed into the guild. Stone Wall said how he was a half demon but Sgt Krey did't care he just wanted to help the kids find a place to live so since then Stone Wall and his sister Sophia where part of hell busters.Now Stone Wall and his sister help fight un wanted demons that rain upon earth.

Stone Wall and Sophia have made some great friends at hell busters especially Rock- O, Drayko, and Tara and Sophia fell in love with Stone Wall's rival named Yama. Yama and Stone Wall have their fare share of arguments but the to seem to think of each other as a friendly rival.


As a kid Stone Wall was a very kind kid he loved to play and hated fighting or killing. When his father and mother died he felt the all he had left was Sophia so now he will fight and/or kill whoever tries to hert his little sister. He now feels that fighting is all he can do to survive but he is still a kind person on the inside


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Post-Demon form/ In this form Stone Wall is more aggressive, blood thirsty, and is much stronger then he was. In this form he can control his lighting powers much easier then before. He only enters this form if he is at near death, or if he is in in complete danger.

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Full-Demon form/ In this form he takes the full look of a dragon and will kill anything that crosses his path. Unlike his twin brother he cannot control his demon instinct's he could even kill Sophia if he is not careful. He entered this form once and that was when Lucy died.

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