Yama is a human that can use fire magic and is the second main mail protaginis

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As a kid Yama was a very happy joyful kid. He always liked to play and would never worry about anything. His father worked at a demon slayer guild and so did his older brother Drayko so Yama was always at home with his mother at the time. One day his father went on a very important mission because demons where all over but that night his father didn't come home. Ever since then Yama practiced fire magic with his older brother and now Yama kills demons for a living in honor of his father.

Yama wanted to do more so he decided to work at the same guild his brother is working at so which is Hell Busters. Working at Hell Busters, Yama feels like he is doing what his father loved and now he loves doing it too. At the guild Yama makes good friends like Rock- O, Drayko, Tara, and even Stone Wall.

Stone Wall and Yama may not get along but Yama thinks of Stone Wall as a friend and a rival. Yama also befriends Stone Wall's sister Sophia and even started to fall in love with her.


He is a very kind and loves fighting. He fights to protect the people he loves. He is the opposite of Stone Wall when it comes to personality (for example yama is not afraid to show emotions and Stone Wall will not admit anything).

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